So You’re a New Cub Scout Leader!

Welcome to Cub Scouting!

Congratulations! Welcome to the challenges, opportunities, joys, and satisfactions that will be yours as a Cub Scout leader, guiding and influencing the lives of boys. By making the commitment to serve as a leader, you have joined the ranks of more than 500,000 adult leaders in 53,000 packs around the country who are giving time, ability, enthu­siasm, and energy to build a better future for our nation. As you give leadership in Cub Scouting, you help enrich the lives of your boys and make a difference in the kind of men they will become. An exciting and rewarding experi­ence lies ahead of you. Many people are interested in helping you be successful in your job. Training opportu­nities will help you grow in effective leader­ship. So good luck, and welcome to the world of Cub Scouting!

Leader Support Materials

These resources contain information and support documents that will help you successfuly perform your responsibilitites as a Cub Scouting leader. The pack has many of these resources that are available for you so don’t hesitate to ask!!

Cub Scout Leader Book