Volunteer Opportunities

Getting Involved

Everything that happens in our pack is the result of parent volunteers. Some parents volunteer to become Den Leaders or Assistant Den Leaders. These people become registered Scouters through a training process, and actually run the program at the den level. Some parents volunteer to help out at den meetings by bringing supplies, helping to manage the boys, or offering suggestions for crafts, games, etc… Some parents volunteer to be on a particular planning committee for special events. Some parents volunteer to be part of the Pack Committee, who are registered Scouters, and run the program at the pack level. Whatever your talents, we can find a volunteer position for you, either short term or long term-just let us know!

We have several Leadership positions available. A good Pack does not run and will not run on it’s own, it needs dedicated volunteers like you to keep it going.

Our Pack and Den Leaders meet once a month. All parents are welcome to attend. If you would like to fill a particular position on the pack committee, on a working committee, or at the den level contact a committee member / den leader today!

ANY QUESTIONS  E-mail us at   pack620@hotmail.com